Friday, August 20, 2010

Schwanns New Smoothies

Ok the Schwanns guy just dropped off our order (we preorder online) and of course he had a new catalog for us with new products and I am so weak!! Ok so we got our order of 5 Fiesta Lime Chicken (oh so good love it) and then I added these pineapple orange smoothies (got an orange thing going on today these are item 051 by the way in case you ever want to try them). They come 4 in a box we are going to save the cups and lids to put homemade ice cream in. It even came with cardboard straws LOL. Not bad tasting at all.

The other thing I talked myself into was the new sweet potato fries. You make them in the oven and sweet potato fries are so good for you. Can't wait to try them hope they are good. Other than those two add ons I behaved myself and was good.

The thing I love about ordering from Schwanns is that with our schwanns card we can put off the payment for up to two weeks. So when we are between pay periods we can still buy food and just advance it for two weeks. We usually order once a month sometimes though we will order both times he comes (every other week).

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