Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well it has been awhile and I bet yall been wondering where I have been? Well working two jobs the first half of the year plus my crafting and stampin' up had me pretty busy. Now that it is off season for taxes I have a bit more time to do the crafting and blogging.

I have started posting more videos on youtube so I hope that you will check those out. My youtube name is sweetdesigninc gotta keep it simple LOL. Please subscribe and leave comments on the videos. I will be doing a 100 subscriber give away when I get to that point.

On the Etsy shop you will start to see some new items. I am now offering Party packages for birthdays, baby showers,holidays and weddings. I am also offering quilled snowflakes and ornaments and other quilled items. Keep an eye out for the return of ceramic pieces also!!!

So that is my update for now and I hope that I will be more dedicated to posting new posts in the future!!!

Your always