Friday, August 13, 2010

Our 2 year old Furry Baby

Shilo is a rambuctios, two year old Akita. She weighs in at over 100 pounds and is 29 inches tall (back to floor), and 48 inches long (nose to tail). She is a very sweet girl, and an excelent guard dog, nothing gets past this girl. She is very loving and just a joy--most of the time!!! She has her moments!!! Try disciplining a 100 pound beast who thinks she is right all the time, comes at you like a freight train and whose brakes aren't so great!!!
When in the backyard she sounds like a Rhino coming out of the "forest" (milkweed is out of control again I hate that stuff). Remember the brakes that don't work to well? Well lets just say it can be a lot intimidating and frightening LOL.
She gets a run on and you need to just stay out of the way. Fortunatly her size makes her wear out relativly quickly. She is an expert at fetch. She sits mostly on command. But she is stubborn to the very core, typical of Akita's. Just wanted to share our pretty girl.
Love and Hugs to ya!!


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