Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer time is crazy busy

You would think that since it is summer time and both my jobs are on hiatus I would be chilling and relaxing and all that good stuff. Right? Um no it has been busy busy busy in my world. I get really into my craft business when I am out of work. My Aunt moved back to our neck of the woods (well the urban jungle atleast) and we have been helping her to get settled, after all she is 82 years young. There was the trip to Stampfest in the end of June also (had a blast more on that later). Then there were three birthdays so far in July and one more in July and then one in August.

Speaking of birthdays mine was on the 3rd turned the big 40! My daughters was on the 14th her 21st birthday, is that possible? Then my Aunt's was on the 25th her 82nd one. My grandmother's would have been the 11th but she went home to Jesus many years ago, she would have been 100 this year can you imagine that? My dad's is on the 31st he will be celebrating his 73rd birthday. My niece's is on August 1st she will be 26. Time flies once you hit a certain age it just zooms past you before you know it.

I am going to be posting new videos on youtube already have 3 new ones on there. Finishing up a new one today. Classes start for one of my jobs on the 8th of August then back to work on the 22nd. Got to get work done on Halloween and Christmas items for the etsy shop but I will try to be better at blogging along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!