Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I got a new gadget

Yep I did it. I bought the swiffer sweeper vac. I like it. I only have one complaint, the long charging time. Of course it is recommended that you leave it plugged in when not using which I have no problem with. I just hate to wait for it to charge to use it again. It goes right under the stove and dishwasher and fridge and other pieces of furniture a BIG plus with me. See I have two dogs and the big one drags in sand (Florida version of dirt) on her paws all the time they both drag in leaves. I also have tile floors throughout the house (only carpet in 3 bedrooms) so this works for me. Better than sweeping with a broom (a task I detest). I am pleased with my purchase. I like that the pad picks up dirt and dust too (we have no dirt in Florida but the dust grows by the hour). This is something I will be using everyday (thanks to the aforementioned dogs). Oh and the Big dog is an Akita and if you know anything about northern breed dogs (Akita's are Japanese mountain dogs) they blow, at least twice a year they loose their undercoat and you end up with tumbleweeds of fur that make Texas tumbleweeds cringe in terror. This will get a workout during blowing season!!!

Love and Hugs to ya!!

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