Friday, August 20, 2010

Orange Popsicles

I love orange popsicles. Of course so does everyone else in our household (mom and daughter love them too). Have you ever noticed how in a box from the store there are lots of cherry and tons of grape (yuck) and very few orange ones? Well that is why I make my own.

These are made from an orange breakfast drink called Bright and Early. I find it has a nice orangey (ok is that a word?) flavor that is not too watered down. I sometimes add orange tang (a good grape popsicle can be made from grape tang powder and water if you can find the grape tang powder) to the bright and early for even more orange goodness. I like the fact that these are much better for you than store bought.

Another great treat is to use pudding in your popsicle molds for great frozen pudding pops (remember the Bill Cosby commercials for Pudding Pops from Jello?). They are yummy and the flavor combinations are only limited to your imagination. Kids love them and they are full of calcium!!

So break out those popsicle molds and make some good for you treats. Here is another good idea pureed fruit with fruit bits in it, puree some strawberries and put cut up bits of strawberries in it mix with heavy whipping cream and a bit of sugar for a delicious treat.

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