Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coffee,magazines,pantry inventory and no motivation

Today I have no motivation to do anything. Yep I said it the day is over for all intents and purposes and I have done nothing--shudder. I did drink my coffee an hour ago thinking it would spark me to get up and do something--nope didn't work. I laid my new magazines near me thinking it might motivate me to atleast finish looking at them--nope that didn't work either. And lets not even get started on that Pantry Inventory list that isn't done yet!!!
Ok I am having an off day. It is just so freaking hot here, even indoors with the AC going I just can't cool down. I went outside a few times to check the mail so hot out there (we seem to be under heat advisories every day) that I had to wear--shoes even after it rained briefly (so briefly I didn't even know it had happened but there was small puddles where there was none before so I guess it did). Rain here does not help with the heat if anything it just makes it like a sauna. YUCK!
So will I get anything done today? Maybe maybe not. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will snap out of this funk and do what I got to do. I think excessive frustration this morning is what killed any motiation I may have had. I have now got two missing cords to items I really need to use. My daughter hides the cords to things, she doesn't admit it so I think either A. she is losing her mind or B. she doesn't do it conciously and therefore has no recollection of doing it at all. I am leaning towards B but keeping an open mind.
I hope everyone is having a more productive day than I am.

Love and Hugs to ya!!


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