Monday, May 23, 2011


Our prayers go out to those in Joplin MO where the Tornado hit. I have family in NW Arkansas still so we are checking on them. Time difference means I have to wait till my first post is over to call back home. They are ok though just got regular storms no tornadoes.

Still working on tons of projects. I wasn't feeling so good over the weekend so I got nothing done. I will be busy busy busy. I need to get my ATC's done still. I have my idea in my head for this month and next month.

I am also rearranging my craft room. I am converting a shelving unit into my new cricut station and hopefully I can get all three (yes I have 3 cricuts) on the shelves. I need to get that room in order so I don't get all stressed out when I go in there.


  1. I gave you an award.
    Come on over and pick it up.
    welcome to me

  2. Thank you o much I have it at the top of my blog now.