Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

Hey everyone its me again! I am going to start a new series of blog postings, called Sunday Ramblings. Mostly it is an attempt to get my followers (you wonderful folks) to interact with my posts. I will pose a question each Sunday that I will invite all my followers to answer.

So lets jump right in. This weeks question is (drum roll please) What do you put on you corn on the cob? It is summer and corn on the cob never tastes better than in the summer. I love butter and pepper on my ears of corn. But lately I have discovered something even better, I have been using butter still but I have switched to using Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Seasonings Original Mixed-Up Salt. This stuff is fantastic! It is a mix of salt, herbs and spices, dried onion and dried garlic. You can use it on anything but it is out of this world on corn on the cob!

So here is your question lets here what you like on your ear of corn! Are you a straight butter and salt person or do you like to shake it up with herbs and spices or even cheese?

**All opinions are my own. This is not a paid advertisement or paid endorsement of a product (although if someone would like me to write a review of their product I would love to just contact me).  **


  1. Butter and salt. I have never tried anything else. Maybe I should.

  2. Give it a shot you never know when a new favorite will come along.