Monday, May 16, 2011

I am having a bad Monday

I am having one of those Mondays where I just want to quit. I am frustrated beyond where I need to be. I am stressed to the max trying to find a way to make everyone happy and make things work out for me for once. I am just ready to throw in the towel and call it a day and quit.

I know everyone has days like this but mine seem to come in bulk. I just can't get anything done to list on etsy, if I can't list it I can't sell it and I can't sell it then can't do anything. Of course going through a dry spell on etsy right now is not helping matters at all.

I have a tripped planned for the end of June that it looks like I might not get to go after all cause of aforementioned problems with cash flow. I am supposed to go to Stampfest in Orlando. However I have no money for the hotel,gas, or food let alone money to buy stuff. The only thing I have thus far paid for is the 2 classes and the make and take and admission ticket. That won't get me there. I just feel like hiding in a dark room by myself today.

I could really use some encouraging words but seems like there is a dry spell in that area too.
Hope everyone is having a better Monday than I am.

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