Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stockpile Saturday

This is yet a new feature for my blog, Stockpile Saturday! This feature will consist of articles about and related to stockpiles. It will show what we were able to stockpile for the week and some good resources on stockpiling. Some may equate stockpiling to hording but if done right then it is not hording but a step towards sustainable living. In its essence a stockpile is ensuring that your family has the means to survive emergencies, tragedies and other disasters.
This week we were able to get two fabulous deals at Publix. The first was Duncan Hines cake mixes. They are BOGO this week and we had B2G1 coupons meaning for $1.99 we could get 6 cake mixes. Since we buy multiple papers we were able to buy 24 boxes of cake mixes! AWESOME!
Deal number two came from me having a strangle hold on some blinkies I got a few months ago. They were a $1/2 cans of tomatoes. This week they are on BOGO at Publix so I was able to get two 28oz cans for 87 cents! So I got 8! We use tomatoes a lot so this was a superb deal for us.
Here is a look at what we got for $23.00 that would have cost $68 not pictured is the sweet potato fries that Publix has a hard time keeping on the shelf they are by Ore Ida and are yummy and there is a $1/1 coupon out there for them so we get them whenever we can find them.
Here is a look at the small stockpile in my room.
Yep that is a lot of cake mixes!

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