Sunday, September 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 9/6/10

Well I know I have not posted our menu the last few weeks. It has been made just not posted. So here we go!!

muffins,cereal,bacon,eggs,biscuits, Sticky Buns, Cinnamon rolls This is what we will be having this week from breakfasts.

veggie dippers,fruit dippers,leftovers,sloppy joes,mini meatloaves, burritos

Monday- Pizza Nite Family Nite
Tuesday- Taco Nite Tex Mex chicken wraps Spanish rice
Wednesday- Vegetarian Lasagna garlic bread
Thursday- Fried Chicken coleslaw
Friday- not sure yet
Saturday- Cheesy Chili Dogs fries
Sunday- Smoked Pork roast (pulled pork) potatoes and veggies
I will be adding the recipes for items that are Italicized. So there you have it this weeks grub. I actually have two weeks almost done. Grocery day is tomorrow and I am cutting it close getting this done. We are using a lot of what we already have in the freezer. Cait and I took inventory the other day and we have lots.
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