Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer time is crazy busy

You would think that since it is summer time and both my jobs are on hiatus I would be chilling and relaxing and all that good stuff. Right? Um no it has been busy busy busy in my world. I get really into my craft business when I am out of work. My Aunt moved back to our neck of the woods (well the urban jungle atleast) and we have been helping her to get settled, after all she is 82 years young. There was the trip to Stampfest in the end of June also (had a blast more on that later). Then there were three birthdays so far in July and one more in July and then one in August.

Speaking of birthdays mine was on the 3rd turned the big 40! My daughters was on the 14th her 21st birthday, is that possible? Then my Aunt's was on the 25th her 82nd one. My grandmother's would have been the 11th but she went home to Jesus many years ago, she would have been 100 this year can you imagine that? My dad's is on the 31st he will be celebrating his 73rd birthday. My niece's is on August 1st she will be 26. Time flies once you hit a certain age it just zooms past you before you know it.

I am going to be posting new videos on youtube already have 3 new ones on there. Finishing up a new one today. Classes start for one of my jobs on the 8th of August then back to work on the 22nd. Got to get work done on Halloween and Christmas items for the etsy shop but I will try to be better at blogging along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Ramblings 6/19/2011

Here we are again another Sunday and time for some rambling! As most of you know I am a crafter. So my question for this week is if you craft then what is your favorite crafting tool?

I must say that mine has to be my cricut(s). Yes I own more than one in fact I own three cricuts. I love them. They are all different from each other one prints and cuts, one is the first one I bought and just cuts and the newest one is the anniversary edition with tons of new features.

I use my cricuts a lot. I go through blades pretty quickly since I usually cut on average 30 of each image I cut. That is a lot of cutting.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stockpile Saturday

This is yet a new feature for my blog, Stockpile Saturday! This feature will consist of articles about and related to stockpiles. It will show what we were able to stockpile for the week and some good resources on stockpiling. Some may equate stockpiling to hording but if done right then it is not hording but a step towards sustainable living. In its essence a stockpile is ensuring that your family has the means to survive emergencies, tragedies and other disasters.
This week we were able to get two fabulous deals at Publix. The first was Duncan Hines cake mixes. They are BOGO this week and we had B2G1 coupons meaning for $1.99 we could get 6 cake mixes. Since we buy multiple papers we were able to buy 24 boxes of cake mixes! AWESOME!
Deal number two came from me having a strangle hold on some blinkies I got a few months ago. They were a $1/2 cans of tomatoes. This week they are on BOGO at Publix so I was able to get two 28oz cans for 87 cents! So I got 8! We use tomatoes a lot so this was a superb deal for us.
Here is a look at what we got for $23.00 that would have cost $68 not pictured is the sweet potato fries that Publix has a hard time keeping on the shelf they are by Ore Ida and are yummy and there is a $1/1 coupon out there for them so we get them whenever we can find them.
Here is a look at the small stockpile in my room.
Yep that is a lot of cake mixes!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mega Deal Monday Premier

Well this is the second new feature for the blog this week! YAY, summer allows me more time to devote to my blog since I am unemployed during the summer. So here goes the second new feature, called Mega Deal Monday or simply MDM. What I will do is feature something that I feel is a Mega Deal. You will want to check in every Monday to see what it is.
This weeks Mega Deal is Coke Rewards. Do you save the lids off coke bottles? Ever wonder what those numbers and letters are for? Well they are redeemable at and they are a great way to get FREE stuff.
Now we all like FREE stuff right? Who doesn't! But you may be asking yourself what kind of FREE stuff can I get? Well for 30 points (lids are worth 3 pts each and box flaps are 10 pts each) you can get a coupon for a FREE 16 oz coke or power aid no shipping cost at all totally FREE!! You could spend a bit more points and get a coupon for a 12 pack of coke for 240 points. And that is not all they offer there are magazine subscriptions, towels, promo items, tickets to movies, tons of FREE stuff!
I personally do not drink soft drinks but there are two cokeaholics in my household who keep us in points. You are allowed to register 120 points per week every Monday starts a new week. There are no limits on how many you can redeem each week.
So don't throw those lids or box flaps away till you turn in those codes. You can get FREE stuff and everyone loves FREE stuff!
**All opinions are my own. This is not a paid advertisement or paid endorsement of a product (although if someone would like me to write a review of their product I would love to just contact me).  **

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

Hey everyone its me again! I am going to start a new series of blog postings, called Sunday Ramblings. Mostly it is an attempt to get my followers (you wonderful folks) to interact with my posts. I will pose a question each Sunday that I will invite all my followers to answer.

So lets jump right in. This weeks question is (drum roll please) What do you put on you corn on the cob? It is summer and corn on the cob never tastes better than in the summer. I love butter and pepper on my ears of corn. But lately I have discovered something even better, I have been using butter still but I have switched to using Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Seasonings Original Mixed-Up Salt. This stuff is fantastic! It is a mix of salt, herbs and spices, dried onion and dried garlic. You can use it on anything but it is out of this world on corn on the cob!

So here is your question lets here what you like on your ear of corn! Are you a straight butter and salt person or do you like to shake it up with herbs and spices or even cheese?

**All opinions are my own. This is not a paid advertisement or paid endorsement of a product (although if someone would like me to write a review of their product I would love to just contact me).  **

Monday, May 23, 2011


Our prayers go out to those in Joplin MO where the Tornado hit. I have family in NW Arkansas still so we are checking on them. Time difference means I have to wait till my first post is over to call back home. They are ok though just got regular storms no tornadoes.

Still working on tons of projects. I wasn't feeling so good over the weekend so I got nothing done. I will be busy busy busy. I need to get my ATC's done still. I have my idea in my head for this month and next month.

I am also rearranging my craft room. I am converting a shelving unit into my new cricut station and hopefully I can get all three (yes I have 3 cricuts) on the shelves. I need to get that room in order so I don't get all stressed out when I go in there.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't you love FREE?

Well a couple of weeks ago Publix Grocery store had a BOGO on Bic razors. We had coupons on Bic Razors that made them not only FREE but with overage also. Well we got two packages before they sold out go figure. We did get a raincheck for 4 BOGO deals however.

Last time they restocked someone bought all but 2 packages. So we went there first thing this morning and waited and waited for them to restock and Viola we have 8 packages of FREE razors LOVE IT!!!
 A week ago we also got these Carefree products Free after the coupon at Family Dollar. So we have quite the stockpile building up. I love free stuff!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ATC ideas

I have a couple of ideas for ATC's this month. I think I am going to get very busy this afternoon. I want to get them done before I need them a week from Saturday. I also need to make some different ones for some independent swaps and to take to Stampfest (hopefully I still get to go).

For those who do not know what an ATC is it is an Artist Trading card. The format is 2 1/2 by 3 1/2. The sky is the limits as far as what you put on them it is totally up to your individual creativeness. There is only two rules the size and you must trade them not sell them (although I have heard of people selling them I just don't agree with them doing that kinda defeats the whole purpose).

I participate in a swap at a local craft store each month. I also attend the ATC class after the swap where I learn something new each time I go.

If you haven't tried doing an ATC give it a go. You will love it. If you ever want to swap ATC's contact me I would love to swap with you.

Not sure what to think

My wonderful farmers market is never open anymore and they don't answer the phone either! I need this farmers market real bad! John has always been so helpful getting us produce in bulk for our canning adventures and don't know what we will do if he has shut down.

The other farmers markets that I know of are downtown. Not really a viable option. Plus I don't know any of the venders. I am use to being able to get crates of veggies at a time to do our canning. Can't grow enough in our yard to put up enough so we buy from the farmers market. John always had fresh produce and he could find whatever we needed in whatever amounts we needed.

It will be a sad day if he has shut down.

Jelly soon

Well soon I will be making some grape jelly. I am looking for a good recipe that uses frozen juice concentrate. I love making jellies and jams. I love canning anything. I take great joy when I look in our canning pantry and see all the food and jellies and jams we have stored in there.

On the same general subject I am not sure what is going on with my local supplier/farmers market. I have gone by there at least a half dozen times and John is either not there or they are not open lately it has been the latter. I call and get a weird message that calls are not being taken at that number at that time. I really need to buy some veggies in bulk so that I can restock our canning pantry and John has always been real good to get what I want in the amounts I want at great prices. So I am frustrated about that.

We simply don't have the room to grow enough of our own to can. Wish we did. We do the best we can with what we got though. I grow veggies in all kinds of ways. We have fruit trees that supply plums when we have enough rain. This year has been really dry.